Suoraan sisältöön

Suomenniemi Church and Belfry

Suomenniemi Church is a wooden church designed by A.H. Dalström. The church was built in 1866 and it represents the same Neogotchic architecture as Mikkeli Cathedral. The church has 600 seats inside.

The belfry built in 1777 stands near the church and is in fact older than the church itself. The belfry has two bells, dating back to 1778 and 1780. The belfry can be visited during the opening hours and at other times upon request.  

The church and its surroundings have a high cultural history significance. 

In July:
Mon-Fri 10am-4pm
Sat Closed
Sun 9am-2pm

Suomenkyläntie 12, 52830 Suomenniemi

015 666 311 (kirkko)