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Summer restaurant Rantamakasiini | Sahanlahti Resort

Rantamakasiini exudes a relaxed atmosphere

Rantamakasiini, one of the best summer restaurants on the Lake Saimaa, has a relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy fresh summer drinks and food cooked on the new lava grill, served on the sunny pier terrace. Rantamakasiini’s indoor and outdoor areas are great for parties with 50–150 guests, and the facilities can welcome up to 400 people for up to 400 parties or events.

Rantamakasiini hosts numerous events in the summer season. In addition to the pre-announced schedule, you may hear the sweet sounds of a guitar or accordion at Rantamakasiini on any day of the week. Sit down on a summer’s day, play garden games, go fishing or swimming, play beach volleyball, watch the comings and goings in the harbour, or sit by the bonfire and enjoy the moment.

Here you’ll enjoy summery food and refreshments on a sunny dock terrace. Rantamakasiini is suitable for 60 persons and its terrace has room for 60 persons. Rantamakasiini is especially famous for its delicious and pure hamburgers!

Lietvedentie 830, 52200 PUUMALA