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Säynätti hikingtrail 5 km

The 5-kilometre-long Säynätti hiking trail, signposted with yellow signs, takes you through the landscapes of Lake Ylä-Säynätjärvi. As you enter the trail from Jokilahdentie, you will fi nd a Lapp ’kota’ hut. There are campfire sites both on Säynätsaari Island and the headland to the north, with firewood at the Lapp ’kota’
hut for you to carry to the sites. We recommend you take a camping axe with you for chopping the firewood into smaller pieces.

Driving instructions: From Mikkeli drive along road 62 for about 3.5 km. Turn left onto Metsä-Sairilantie and drive for about 4.2 km. Turn right onto Jokilahdentie.

Jokilahdentie, 50100 Mikkeli