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The Nykälä Rapids is a new resort for sportfishing in Haukivuori region in the heart of Finland.

Nykälä Rapids belong to the water system called the Mäntyharju-route, situated on the upper course of it. The waters flow down to lake Kyyvesi and then through the well-known Läsäkoski rapids, lake Puulavesi, the Kissakoski rapids, the Ripattikoski rapids and the Puuskankoski rapids to the river Kymijoki and to the Baltic Sea.

The upper course of this water system has been inhabited, fished and hunted since the Stone Age. Also Laplanders used to populate these same regions long ago.

The Nykälä Rapids is also part of the splendid Naarajoki-canoeing route, which is also called the Amazon of the Savo Region. The canoeing route and lake Kyyvesi partly belong to the NATURA 2000-resorts. The fishing area, which is great natural beaty, is peaceful and pleasant in scale. It is 4 km long with 5 rapids and a separate small lake for fishing big pikes. The banks of the river are forested and uninhabitated. At the best you may fish with a beaver or covey of waterfowl accompanying you while an osprey is seeking its prey.

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