Neitvuori and Hiidenmaa Routes

Neitvuorentie 660, 52100 Anttola
Mikkelin matkailuneuvonta: 044 794 5669

Neitvuori and Hiidenmaa hiking routes are located 35-43 kilometres from Mikkeli to the east, and can be reached from the Anttola-Puumala -road (road 62) or road 5 from Rahula, just north of Mikkeli.
The route is guided from the road 62 in Anttola, about 24 km from Mikkeli (signpost:Kokkosenlahti, Neitvuori ) and road 5 in Rahula about 12 km from Mikkeli ( signpost: Kokkosenlahti ).

The magnificient guardian and symbol of Hiidenmaa Routes is the Hiidenvuori mountain, a mountain today more commonly called "Neitvuori". From the top of the mountain one experiences a beathtaking view over the Luonteri archipelago (110m above the level of the lake Saimaa).

Hiidenmaa hiking routes offer numerous alternatives for a nature enthusiast - one may take a few hour trip or spend a couple of days by hiking the entire route. Also demanding routes to Koikkala, Juva are available.

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