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The history of the Porrassalmi and Kyyhkylä area dates back to thousands of years. The area has been settled for almost 6,000 years. Back then, the water level of Lake Saimaa was approximately 13 metres higher than today and the shoreline was closer to the Porrassalmi Ridge. Stone heap graves dating back to the Iron Age indicate that there were established settlements around Kyyhkylä. One of the ancient graveyards in the courtyard area of Kyyhkylä Manor is a protected site

Another fascinating historical site is the monument to the battle of Porrassalmi between Sweden and Russia in 1789, which is located close to Kyyhkylä along the museum road. The Kyyhkylä name, which comes from the Kyyhkynen family, has been in use since the 16th century.

The main building of Kyyhkylä Manor was built in 1856, and it was completely renovated in 2005. The owners and uses of the manor have varied over the years.

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