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Hirvensalmi Tourist Information

Come here to live, enjoy your leisure time or start a business.

People and businesses are interested in Hirvensalmi. More and more families looking for unspoilt nature and high-quality services have made Hirvensalmi their new home. The municipality’s population is also boosted by people returning here to live and those moving out to the countryside.

The municipality’s population trend stands out from the trends of municipalities in Finland’s other regions. Net positive migration is keeping the population relatively steady. Active residential and leisure construction, company investments and boosted entrepreneurship illustrate that lively, attractive Hirvensalmi is undergoing strong growth.

Leisure residences are important to the municipality. Many leisure-time residents consider moving to Hirvensalmi. The municipality incentivises everyone to make this decision, as many things are better here than they are elsewhere.

Keskustie 2, 52550 Hirvensalmi

015 727 1255