Hiidenmaa Hiking Trails



Hiidenmaa's trails are characterized by landscapes of rocky hills, quiet and clear forest ponds and swirling rapids. Along the trails, as well as in close proximity, you can find may interesting natural formations, such as the Enkelinpesä erratic, which is also a Saimaa Geopark destination. Old huts, museum farms, smoke saunas and freight roads narrate the story of a forest people. The trails follows the shores of Lake Saimaa's Luonteri area, and there are many shelters and rest spots along the way.

The total length of the Hiidenmaa trail is 55 kilometers, so you can choose whether you'd like to spend an hour or a week hiking. From Juva's side, the trail begins from Rävykoski's fishing area, and in Mikkeli you can begin from the Neitvuori Hill area.

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