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Heikki Willamo's exhibition in Mikkeli Art Museum 8.6.–22.9.2024

Heikki Willamo's exhibition in Mikkeli Art Museum 8.6.–22.9.2024

The photographic artist, nature photographer and writer Heikki Willamo’s work focuses on nature, especially forests and its animals. In Willamo’s photographs, nature reveals itself as diverse and ancient, even mythical. Willamo has held numerous exhibitions in Finland and abroad and published many books.

Heikki Willamo has photographed forests for more than three decades. In that time, many old forests have been lost forever. The importance of nature images in evoking the relationship between nature and humans is more relevant now than ever. Willamo is looking for new forms of sustainable coexistence through photographic art. Nature photography often carries the burden of documentary photography, but in Willamo’s expression, the almost dreamlike and stylised presentation of forests and its inhabitants conveys lived experience. His artworks show what we will lose if we do not take action.

The exhibition at Mikkeli Art Museum will feature the artist’s new and older works as well as artworks based on moving image. The exhibition is curated by photographic artists Marko Hämäläinen and Harri Heinonen.

Image information: Heikki Willamo, Näätä, 2022, digital inkjet print. Photo Heikki Willamo©

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