Astuvansalmi rock paintings

Suurlahdentie 2039, 52360 Ristiina
Mikkelin matkailuneuvonta: 044 794 5669

The national shrine, Astuvansalmi, is one of the biggest rock painting sites in the Nordic countries. The paintings are on steep bedrock approximately 10 metres above the current water level. The paintings are between 4500 and 6000 years old, and the age has been estimated by examining the history of the water level.

Mystic figures, elks, human figures and handprints are displayed on the rock. This impressive site in Lake Yövesi is watched over by a "rock god", a rock that resembles a human head.

Rock paintings can be reached by car or by boat. Visiting there by boat is recommended. By car the site may be reached by turning from Ristiina to "Suurlahdentie", road 4323. Drive 19 kilometres and there will be a small parking place. NOTE: There is a 3 kilometer walk from the parking place to the rock paintings. The path is not maintained and it is currently in bad condition. Depending on weather, at least comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

In summer 2019 m/s Kuutti cruises to Astuvansalmi from Hotel Anttolanhovi.

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Distance from Mikkeli: 40km
Distance from Ristiina: 19km

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