Enjoy the Inimitable Atmosphere of Savonlinna region

Whether you want to enjoy a city break, to attend cultural events, to relax by the lakeside or to engage in various activities - the beautiful Savonlinna region offers you all these options!
It’s no wonder that Savonlinna with its surroundings is one of the most popular holiday regions in Finland. The vibrant region amid the scenic lake district of Saimaa offers a perfect setting for a cultural, spa, beach, activity or city holiday – or for a combination of these. Escape the everyday hustle and bustle and relax at the marketplace and terraces of the lively summer town, at a lakeside holiday cottage in a peaceful cove, at a refreshing spa or at a working farm.
The region offers a wealth of cultural attractions from the world-renowned Opera Festival to high-class concerts and intriguing museums and galleries. Active holidaymakers will find plenty to do on the sunny shores of Saimaa as there is a wide variety of activities and pursuits available. Various distinctive boutiques, idyllic cafes and high-class restaurants, offering a friendly service and warm hospitality, add to the unrivalled charming atmosphere of the Savonlinna region.

Intriguing stories

The Savonlinna region has been inhabited for many centuries, so the area´s history is full of intriguing stories. Famous statues and memorials include St. Olaf´s statue, The Black Ram, The Spirit of the Castle, the Memorial of the Battle of Laitaatsilta, and the sympathetic statue of the endangered Saimaa ringed seal next to the Torisilta walking bridge.

Day 1. Visit to Olavinlinna Castle  (St. Olof´s Castle)

The building of Olavinlinna, castle of St. Olaf, began in 1475. The Danish-born founder of the castle, knight Erik Axelsson Tott, decided that a powerful fortification should be build to protect the strategically important Savo region. The castle was supposed to repel Russian attacks from the east and to guarantee the control of the Savo region for the Swedish Crown. The history of Olavinlinna is a mixture of medieval arms clashing, cannons roaring and every-day chores inside the security of the castle’s thick walls.
The changes in the ownership of the castle left their mark on Olavinlinna: this can be seen in the varied architecture of the castle. These days the castle’s halls and rooms can be rented and used for all kinds of events.
There are two small exhibitions in the castle: the Castle Museum displays artifacts found in the castle or related to it, and the Orthodox Museum displays icons and other religious artifacts both from Finland and Russia.
Restoration in the castle occurred in late 19th century as well as in the 20th century. However, the latest large-scale restoration began in 1961 and was finished in 1975, just in time for the castle's 500 -jubilee. Today Olavinlinna is one of the most well known sights in Finland and the scene of Savonlinna Opera Festival in July. Guided tours are held throughout the year.

The Magic of the Opera every July

The most significant event in Savonlinna and one of the most famous festivals in the whole country is the Savonlinna Opera Festival. For decades, the festival has gathered the high and mighty and the great unwashed together to enjoy opera masterpieces and spectacular singing in the medieval Olavinlinna Castle. And how beautifully the arias echo from the robust rocky walls! The classic operas, medieval setting, the Lake Saimaa archipelago and the magnificent Finnish summer create a combination that makes your heart sing.

Sightseeing Cruise on a nostalgic Steamer

Sightseeing cruises by original Finnish handmade steamships S/S Paul Wahl, S/S Punkaharju and S/S Savonlinna offer you an insight into the history of a Finnish inland lake. The fascinating Finnish national scenery combined with A traditional steamship is an unforgettable experience. 

Your choice of accommodation. 

Savonlinna region offers hotel accommodation for every taste; you may stay overnight in the city centre in a hotel or pamper yourself in recreational centres in the area. During the summer time student flats turn into summer hotels for lower budget travellers. Personal inns and unique boutiguehotels offer you a memorable stay.

Excamples for unique accommodation

Lomamokkila B&B, 12 km from Savonlinna. A variety of accommodation, B&B and half board, conference facilities, activities: fishing, skiing, cycling, tennis, volleyball, rowing boats, swimming beach and sauna.


Day 2.

Guided canoeing tour

You can go kayaking or canoeing by yourself or take a guide with you. The guide will tell stories about the region and teach you the basics of paddling. Be sure not to forget your camera, because the lake scenes will offer plenty of targets to shoot. 

Holiday Resort Järvisydän 55 km from Savonlinna and 38 km from Varkaus. Cosy and high quality villas with “hotel rooms”, medieval style restaurant Piikatyttö, wine cellar, Finnish sauna world, conference and training facilities, activities: fishing safaris, canoeing trips, lake safaris, Saimaa ringed seal watching trips to the Linnansaari National Park, cycling, hiking, rowing boats, winter activities. New hotel and day spa ready in 2015! www.jarvisydan.com 

A grand destination for watersports

The national parks and protected nature reserves of Lake Saimaa make tranquil, wild and watery destinations for experienced and novice paddlers alike. They also are home to one of the world’s most endangered sea mammals, the Saimaa Ringed Seal. Travel along the fjords of Kolovesi National Park either in a kayak or canoe.  Leave all the urban trappings behind and head for the Linnansaari National Park with excellent opportunities for kayaking and camping on small islands. Let your spirit guide you through the water world of Veskansa Routes. Stay in a cabin or camp in peaceful surrounding.

something else.. 

The Charms of Saimaa offers some of the most attractive high-standard holiday destinations in the Mikkeli and Savonlinna Regions. Exceptional accommodation, hand-made local food in stylish restaurants, atmospheric surrounding create a memorable holiday with individual service in this unique milieu, the Finnish national landscape in the heart of the stunning Lake Saimaa. 


By land, sea or air

You can reach Savonlinna in your own boat or on a cruise ship via the Saimaa Canal, which links the waterways of Saimaa to the Gulf of Finland, and thus to the rest of the world. You can also explore the shores of the region by bike, car or motorcycle. If you arrive by plane, the spectacular aerial view will give you an idea of the amazing extent of the lake district.

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