This tour will take you to the heart of Finnish Lakeland area, where you can explore true Finnish local tastes and see world’s first-class cultural events and concerts. Along the tour you will be accommodated in charming hotels, enjoy local fresh-made delicacies and see Lake Saimaa true nature. In July one of the greatest music events in the world will take place in Mikkeli – Gergiev Music Festival leaded by Mariinski Theatre director and conductor Valery Gergiev. 
Day 1.
Discover local villages on the shore of Lake Saimaa – Puumala and Anttola. 
Puumala village is a great start for your trip in Mikkeli region. This small village is surrounded by Lake Saimaa and there you can truly feel the local lifestyle. Try out old steamship cruise from Puumala harbor on a nice summer day, explore the old heritage farm Liehtalanniemi and sense 20th century atmosphere. After that you can taste traditional Finnish berry wines at Ollinmäki wine farm. 

Day 2.
Continue to the heart of South-Savo province, city of Mikkeli. In Mikkeli you can visit the oldest wooden vicarage in Finland – Kenkävero. Mikkeli market square is also worth a visit, there you can buy products directly from the farmers and taste the most popular dishes in region made of small fish “Muikku” (vendace). In the region, you will find one of the Finland´s biggest summertime cultural events – Art Centre Salmela. If you continue your trip to Savonlinna, remember to visit one of the oldest operating mills in Finland -  Rapio Mill in Juva.


Local food restaurants in Mikkeli region
Fresh local food is one of the specialties of Mikkeli. The surrounding nature provides berries, mushrooms, fish, herbs, honey… not to mention locally produced meat, dairy products, and breads. Bistro Vilee's kitchen is based on the locally produced seasonal, fresh and high quality ingredients, clean flavors, and handwork. Sahanlahti is famous in Finland for its tasty local food. They use seasonal ingredients and do everything with feeling and skill. Built in a stone cow-house in the Okkola courtyard, Restaurant Niinipuu serves local food. Depending on the season and the catch, the menu may include delicacies like vendace caught in the previous night or chanterelles picked by the host himself. At Tertti Manor long traditions combined with new innovations and self-grown products guarantee the international level food experience.


Especially for this trip we recommend these cozy and high-quality accommodations in a beautiful milieu. Sahanlahti Resort is located on the shore of Lake Saimaa, where you can stay in a cozy beach hotel or small newly renovated cottages. Tertti Manor has six guestrooms at the manor milieu.


More information and reservations:
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