Hop On Hop Off Ristiina

Day trip to Ristiina and Astuvansalmi rock paintings

The main destination of the Hop On Hop Off day trip to Ristiina is the rock paintings of Astuvansalmi. These 6000-year-old rock paintings are the largest in the Nordic countries and definitely worth visiting. The rock paintings are located by the water, so on this trip you can experience the paintings as well as the amazing sceneries on Lake Saimaa from a boat.

The rock paintings include altogether 80 painted images of people, elks, boats, fish, lines, palms and paws as well as areas painted in red. How many images can you find during your visit?

The rock paintings form a valuable cultural heritage for future generations and they are protected by legislation. Please note that although the rock paintings are freely accessible, it is not allowed to touch them or make any marks on the rocks.

Along the way, we will stop also at Kyyhkylä Manor, Hotel Heimari and Restaurant Kallioniemi. At Restaurant Kallionniemi you will have the opportunity to enjoy a tasty lunch by Lake Saimaa and get familiar with the culturohistorical milieu of the villa built by E.N. Setälä. The tour is partly guided.

Tips for the trip: 

  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes suited for trekking. Check the weather forecast for the day.  
  • This trip does not suit for those with reduced mobility. 
  • The trip will be organised according to the epidemic restrictions. Please join the trip only if you are healthy.  
  • The trip is partly guided. 

Trip itinerary:

10:00 Mikkeli bus station
10:10 Charter bus stop by the market place (behind the Mannerheim statue)
10:30 Kyyhkylä manor
10:50 Hotel Heimari
11:20 Ristiina (Pökkäänlahti dock)
Cruise on Lake Saimaa (M/S Seiskari) and visit to Astuvansalmi rock paintings 
15:30 Restaurant Kallioniemi
16:00 Ristiina (Pökkäänlahti dock)
16:20 Hotel Heimari
16:40 Kyyhkylä Manor
16:50 Charter bus stop by the market place
17:00 Mikkeli bus station


  • The times are departure times.
  • A detailed tour program will be sent to the participants the day before the trip.
  • The weather on Lake Saimaa as well as possible summer traffic jams may affect the timetable. 

Price of the trip:

39 € / person / adult
15 € / person / children under 15 years
Children under 3 years free of charge

Prices include: Bus and boat transportation to the destinations and guide and tour leader services. 

The trip will be organised on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays 1429 August 2021. Note: On Midsummer week, on Thursday 24 June 2021 only.

From our online shop you can also purchase one-way trips to the destinations. 

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