Where to buy woolen socks in Mikkeli?

19.12.2014 | Writer: Miia Tanskanen

What cannot the Finns survive winter without? The answer is woolen socks (villasukat in Finnish).

They warm up our feet during the long, cold winters. Woolen socks are available in all sizes, colours, lengths, and patterns. They can be made by anyone who knows how to knit.  But the best ones are made by grandmothers. I swear that the socks I’ve gotten from my granny are much warmer and more comfortable than those I’ve bought from store. Unfortunately, not all of us have the privilege to wear socks that have been knitted by our own grandmothers. For those I have gathered a small list of shops which sell hand-knitted woolen socks here in Mikkeli.

1. TaitoShop & Kenkävero

TaitoShop in Shopping Centre Akseli offers a wide selection of handicrafts and souvenirs. Kenkävero is an old parsonage near the city centre, which has been turned into restaurant, café, store, and a popular tourist destination. Open all year round, both TaitoShop and Kenkävero offer high-quality goods. Their woolen socks are not only super pretty, but also handmade! In my opinion though, they are quite mainstream. So, if you’re looking for something a bit more unique, keep reading!

2. Wanha Talo

This lovely, old-fashioned store sells handicrafts, variety of teas, organic chocolates, and yarn, among other things. The shop is located in the Mikkeli city centre, next to Café Nanda.  All the products are handmade, and the selection is diverse. Their woolen socks are quite traditional, but there are also some more unique pairs. On my last visit I saw a pair that resembled sneakers, for example!  Unfortunately, Wanha Talo will be closed down in January 2015. Their future is uncertain at this point.

3. Onnen Okariina

Onnen Okariina is a Christmas pop up store run by local associations, located in ground floor of Shopping Centre Stella. It is a great place to do Christmas shopping, and since this post is all about woolen socks, they naturally have a great variety of them as well.  The socks come in many different colours, and as you can see from the picture below, they are available in all sizes. Aren’t those little ones really cute? Please note, however, that this store is only open in December.

4. Pop Up Store (Mikkeli Market Hall)

Another pop up store in Shopping Centre Stella is located in the Market Hall. Open only in November-December, the store offers reasonably priced handicrafts and other goods. By buying their products, you support the local workshops and help creating new job opportunities. Those are good enough reasons to visit and check out their awesome woolen socks, aren’t they? I think yes.

5. Mikkeli Market Place

In December, The Christmas Market opens in Mikkeli city centre for few weeks before Christmas. The Market offers local products, and this year there’s been some out-of-town vendors as well. This is a great place to do some Christmast shopping too, and at the same time you can enjoy the warm Christmas spirit. All the vendors are super friendly, which makes shopping even better experience. They naturally offer woolen socks as well. The socks look like they came “fresh from the oven”, don’t you think? In my opinion, they have “Made by grandmothers” written all over them, which is a great thing.

The writer is studying tourism in Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences and is currently working as an intern at Mikkeli Tourist information. All opinions in this post are her own.

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Where to buy woolen socks in Mikkeli?

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