Guided Fishing trips, Rock and Lake

Rock and Lake is an excellent choice for an active fishing holiday in Finland. The nearby location of quality rental cottages allows for both independent fishing and attending guided fishing trips. Areas with swiftly flowing water and therefore suitable for fly-fishing are also located near Rock and Lake cottages.

In general you are allowed to catch the following species in the lakes: perch, pike, landlocked salmon, brown trout, pikeperch (zander), common bream, roach, orfe, whitefish and arctic char. Permitted methods of fishing: spinning, trolling, bait casting, jigging, angling, fly fishing, ice fishing, light fishing and hit hooks.

For independent fishermen fishing in Finland means enjoying paradise; thousands of lakes with a high populations of fish and cheap prices.
If you go fishing with one single rod (casting, trolling, jigging, spinning) only one fishing license is required, the National Fishing Management fee.

Guarantee catch trips

Come and join us on fishing trip with our professional guide and with catch guarantee! If the season suits well, it is possible to try different fishing techniques during one daytrip. Customers can choose to go jigging, spinning or trolling.

Trolling with planerboards is mostly used for searching fish at wider areas and different depth layers of water. With our state of the art equipment we are also able to go deeper visually. We normally use 10 rods and handmade Tunkkionki lures by the guides, which guarantee the best result for the memorable trip!

Spinning is rather suitable for searching fish near the coast and in between rocks. This technique is an efficient style during all open water season.

Jigging is gaining more and more its popularity. Light equipment that is used with this fishing style will guarantee memorable strikes!

Our trips can also be designed handicapped accessible.

Availability: 1.5 – 31.10.

For groups, group size 1-5:

2 h: 390 €/ group

4 h: 490 €/group

6 h: 590 €/group

8 h: 690 €/group

Ice Fishing

On Ice Fishing trip you will get to know the traditional fishing in Finnish wintertime. Our guide will teach you the basics and give special hints, for catching perch, zander (pikeperch) and pike. At the end of the fishing trip the guide explains as well on how to prepare the fish in traditional Finnish way.

Ice fishing is done by fishing through a hole in the ice that covers the surface of the lake. The hole will be drilled with a special ice drilling tool. The ice fishing rod is short and light. In the end of the line there is a small lure, a jig, a balansir or shiner minnow with bait such as fly worms. The angler sits by the hole on the ice, and lifts the rod every now and then, producing the jig effect that attracts the fish. Common catch is perch, zander, pike and roach.

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